Raw Food: how a RAW FOOD DIET can change your life!

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Raw Food: how a RAW FOOD DIET can change your life!
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Raw Food: how a RAW FOOD DIET can change your life!

Switching to a raw food diet – or at the very least, keeping your treats limited to raw food options – can make a massive impact on your health, your happiness, and your lifestyle. Raw food is a global phenomenon; it’s much more than a fad or a trend, this is a dietary decision that will change the way you look at your nutritional intake forever.


The scientific evidence behind the benefits of a raw food diet are irrefutable. Studies have proven beyond doubt that introducing more raw food into your everyday diet can lower cholesterol, thereby reducing related health risks. One study in particular indicated that ‘consumption of a strict raw food diet lowers plasma total cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations’ which, of course, is hard to understand if you’re not medically or scientifically-minded! Suffice it to say, the results indicated a lowering of negative cholesterol and triglycerides, although an increase in homocysteine was noted. For a full run down on what was studied, and the results, take a look at the full raw food diet study.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16177198


For those of us who prefer to have information given to us in a more comprehensible form, the following cover some of the major health benefits of increasing your raw food intake:


Raw food = consistent energy levels


One of the first things you will notice when you change to a raw food diet is an increase in your energy levels. Why? Because raw food is rich in living enzymes and offers a higher quality of nutrition, but most importantly, because it offers a source of sustainable, consistent energy. In a conventional diet, we consume everyday foods that produce a spike in blood sugar levels: such as caffeine, or sweet treats. These spikes are inconsistent, and an energy trough follows soon behind. With a raw food diet, your energy intake is limited to the slow-release energy contained within nuts, leafy greens, fruits and other raw foods. You will notice a more reliable and consistent feeling of energy, eliminating the need to ‘top up’ with sugary treats!


Health benefits of a raw diet


While it would be reckless to imply that raw food can heal diseases, or cure conditions, we can confirm that a raw diet inevitably leads to weight loss, and that weight loss leads to a lessening of many inherent conditions that cause common ailments. From heart diseases through to allergy control and healthy organ function, the health benefits of a raw diet are manifold. Naturally gluten free, a raw diet removes many common allergens from your system, allowing your body to heal and divert energy to areas that will benefit it, rather than coping with unhealthy foods.


Raw food benefits our skin: beauty that comes from the inside!


You will notice an increased clarity of skin while consuming raw foods, as the lack of processed ingredients and refined sugars offer your body the chance to eliminate contaminants. Your skin is the largest organ in your body – and one of easiest to overlook when considering total wellbeing. Many of us don’t realise that what we choose to consume has a direct impact and outcome on our skin – from acne to eczema and redness, the effects of a poor or insufficient diet can be devastating to our skin. Raw food allows our skin to clarify and detox, leaving us with clearer, more vibrant skin that is noticeably healthier.


For more information on how raw food can benefit you and your family, contact our helpful team.


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