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Feijoa Super Loaf

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This delicious super food loaf is perfect with New Zealands seasonal Feijoa, of course you can change to any other fruit combination you like.

Chocolate Bomb

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When you crave that indulgent treat, quickly whip up some sugar free, high fat and high nutrient Chocolate Bombs to not only ease the craving, but nourish your body at the same time.

Raw Hedgehog Slice

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I like to call these my 'left-over bars', where I put all of my little bits of seeds, nuts and fruit of any combination in a bowl and create some tasty chewy bars that even the kids will love in their lunch boxes.

Our famous Raw Taco Salad

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This will turn your everyday salad into an amazing meal! This is a very popular request during summer salad eats, the texture and flavour burst satisfy your tastebuds and take your salad to the next level.

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