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Light Breakfast...

Chia Pots: with Passionfruit & Mango OR Raspberry coulis, layered with RAW vanilla creme and topped with toasted nut crumble. GF, V, RSF. $4.50

Large Muffins: Baked freshly with fruit and custard flavoured centres. $4.50

Mini Croissants: Baked freshly with Avocado smash. $4.00

Seasonal Fruit Platter. $2.50

Savoury & Salad Selection...

Gourmet Savoury: A fresh and hot selection of your favourite savouries, from Pies to Sausage Rolls. $3.00

Sandwiches: A selection of finger sandwiches with a range of delicious fillings. $2.50

Mini Croissants: Baked fresh and filled with classic fillings. $3.00

Sausage Rolls: Handmade and baked to order. $3.00

Low Carb Wraps. Handmade and perfect for low carb lovers. GF, RSF, Veg. $3.50

Turnovers: Filled with sautéed spinach and ricotta. Veg. $3.00

Almond Cakes: Freshly baked with cheese and herb. GF. $3.50


Small $5.50 Large $8.00

Jerk Chicken & roasted pumpkin with a broccoli tabbouleh salad

Roasted vegetable & citrus salad with marinated feta and caramelised walnuts

No-Tato Salad, turmeric and coriander spiced cauliflower salad with a soft-boiled egg.

RAW Taco Salad, spicy sundried tomato, walnut and sunflower seed with baby cos lettuce, tomato and red onion.

Turkish Lamb Salad, spiced lamb & chickpeas with crisp lettuce, mint and roasted pumpkin.